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Book a session immediately--click the button, select a time slot, and you're good to go!


Private sessions are a great way to deepen your knowledge and personal practice of the Enneagram. Some reasons to consider private sessions might include:

  • You want to know your type

  • You have questions about the Enneagram

  • You are looking to deepen your spiritual practice

  • You are looking for a fresh perspective on your life, relationship, job, etc

  • You have an "itch," an inner restlessness, and you've tried everything else but nothing's worked

  • You want to know yourself better, to live up to who you know you can be

  • You want to stop getting stuck in the same patterns

  • You want freedom from your own inner critic, to stop beating yourself up

Or, if you are simply curious. Sessions can be structured as a Q&A, or oriented around working on a particular issue. You can sign up for a single session or a series, and each one ​is focused around what is "up" for you at that particular time.

Single sessions are offered at $95 per session, while a "4-pack" is $300. Sessions are 50 minutes and are done by phone or video call. 

You can book immediately using the button here--just select a time slot and you'll be all set--or fill out the contact form below if you have any questions.