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One of the best ways to leverage the Enneagram for your own personal growth is through private sessions. I offer sessions by phone or online video chat at a rate of $50 per hour (reduced rates are available for financial need). If you think you might be interested but you're not sure, no problem: I offer a 30-minute consultation for free.

Private Sessions FAQ:
1. What does a typical session look like?

If I am meeting with you for the first time and you just want to know more about the Enneagram, then I will typically give an overview and start you on the road of discovering your own type. I do not "type" my clients--I am here as a guide for you to learn about yourself; this is all about what's true for you, not to figure out where you sit in some arbitrary typology.

Later sessions are done on a person-by-person basis, and they are always client-centered. Some topics that might come up are:


  • Identity questions--who I want to be, where I want to go to school, where I want to work, etc

  • Self-confidence--how do I develop the inner resources I need to be happy, successful, social, etc

  • Anxiety--it's messing with my life and I want it to go away!

  • Family--my mom/dad/son/daughter is driving me crazy, how do I talk to them?

  • Relationships--I'm having a hard time connecting with my partner/I'm in a fight with my friend, etc

My sessions are not limited to the above list--whatever a client brings is what we will work with. That said, I am not a therapist. I am not qualified to treat any form of mental disorder. My work is about making the transition from "Doing okay/meh" to "Doing well/yay!" at least more of the time. 

2. There are so many books about the Enneagram. Why do I need a teacher?

This depends what you're after! I started with books--I recommend The Wisdom of the Enneagram--you can find that and other books on the Enneagram Institute's® online store. You can learn a lot from books, and maybe that's all you're after. Enjoy!

Having a teacher is great, though. One of the most central pieces of the Enneagram is Presence--that is, awareness of the body, being in the moment, mindfulness, etc. With the Enneagram it has a more specific meaning: we are Present to the degree we are able to notice our own habitual patterns and behaviors, and choose not to act on them. As an Enneagram teacher, the biggest thing I provide for my clients is Presence. Like with a conventional coaching or therapy session, my job is 90% listening. It's amazing the kind of truth that can arise when two people are sitting in Presence together. From there, we are better equipped to find what you might be able to work with--what's "up" for you on any given day.

Besides that, though, there's also my expertise. You might be able to look up the answer to a chemistry problem online, and you might even be able to find a great youtube video explaining it. Bam, no teacher needed. Well... there's still a big difference between learning from someone who's with you right now in the moment (there's that Presence, again) and learning from a recorded video. Also, you are not a chemistry problem. You are a unique human being, and regardless of what your "home base" type is, your specific "constellation," your true identity, is a complete mystery. In a session with me, it's an opportunity to learn about you specifically--not just a few paragraphs describing many of your typical behaviors and habits--and to learn about the areas that are most ripe for growth, and get some insight as to how you can start working on those. 

3. Is there a minimum number of sessions? What if I meet you and decide this isn't for me?

Nope, and no problem. Some people find it helpful to meet regularly, every week/every other week/every month. It can be nice to have that kind of check-in with someone. On the other hand, if you just want to learn something, you might only come once, and that's fine. And remember that I offer a 30-minute consultation for free to see if you would be interested in more.