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“Ben is as gifted at providing direct instruction of the Enneagram as he is at creating a compassionate and open space for me to share my story in my own language. He has a unique talent for explaining what can seem like esoteric information in a way that is simultaneously articulate, clear, relatable, and funny! This is refreshing and makes it much easier for me to feel comfortable stumbling over ideas, questions, and insights. 


I am more capable of engaging with challenging topics because the atmosphere Ben creates in his sessions allows me to stay in the moment. He naturally flows from the role of grounded soundboard to knowledgeable teacher, and his sharing of his own personal practice with the Enneagram shows vulnerability and deep self knowledge, which has helped me trust his guidance. It is evident that his inner self and outer expression are congruent, and as an Enneagram teacher, this is Ben’s greatest asset.”


~Brittany B.
Hanging Pencils
Spoken Word Artist

“I’ve been asking Ben for advice for years. I always go to him first because I value his honesty and respectful manner, and my first Enneagram session with him had that same atmosphere. He’s a wonderfully attentive teacher who listens and actively engages in the conversation. He explained the Enneagram in a way that was personalized to me specifically, which I really appreciated. He helped me recognize that my anxiety isn’t unbeatable and that it’s ok to be scared and freak out. That that’s a natural part of life and it’s healthy. I’m still working on this part, but he’s shown me that not having a clue about the future is manageable, and that feeling stuck somewhere is only going to hurt me. It’s hard to imagine that the future is never decided, but he helped me think about that. No matter what level you’re at, whether you already have no clue what you’re doing or you’re just beginning to get a feeling of doubt, Ben will recognize that and personalize his session to you.”

~Rachel H